Anti-personnel mine ‘Nipun’ and F-INSAS

On August 16, 2022 Defence Minister Rajnath Singh launched “Nipin” and “F-INSAS” weapons and futuristic weapon systems for Indian Army. These weapons were launched under Indian Army modernisation plan.

About F-INSAS System:

  • F-INSAS is “Future-Infantry Soldier as A System” weapon.
  • This system has been developed indigenously to modernise the Indian Army units.
  • This system aims to improve operational capabilities of infantry units of the Army.
  • Under the F-INSAS project, the soldiers will get modern fighting equipment that are cost-effective, lightweight, needs low maintenance cost and suitable for all weather and terrain conditions.
  • This system includes firepower in the form of AK-203 Assault Rifle, which is a magazine-fed, gas-operated, select-fire assault rifle of Russian origin.
  • Apart from assault rifle, F-INSAS system also include ballistic helmet, goggles and bulletproof jackets.
  • F-INSAS system was created in year 2005, under Infantry Vision 2020.

AK-203 Assault Rifle:

AK-203 Assault Rifle will be produced in Amethi, as a part of India-Russia Joint Venture. This rifle has a range of 300 meters. It is equipped with a rifle-mounted holographic sight, that will provide easier target acquisition. The holographic sight has high speed and accuracy. It can target the object 200 metres away.

Nipun Anti-Personnel Mines:

Nipun Anti-Personnel Mines act as first line of defence to counter infiltrators and advancing enemy infantry. These mines have been developed by collaboration of Armament Research and Development Establishment. Indian Army will induct around 7 lakh Nipun anti-personnel mines into service.




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