Top 10 Defence Current Affairs Questions – May, 2021

  1. Defence Ministry has signed a Rs 1,056 crore deal with which company for procurement of 1,300 light combat vehicles?

Answer: Mahindra Defence Systems Ltd

  1. With reference to Defence, what was ‘Vajra’, that was seen in news recently?

Answer: Offshore patrol vessel

  1. Which country’s Navy along with Madagascar undertook patrolling of Madagascar’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)?

Answer: India

  1. Which armed force has decided to employ retired combat dogs as ‘therapy dogs’?

Answer: Indo Tibetan Border Police

  1. ‘VAJRA PRAHAR 2021’ is a military exercise held between the special forces of India and which other country?

Answer: USA

  1. “Shantir Ogroshena -2021” is a joint Military exercise between India and which country?

Answer: Bangladesh

  1. ‘La Pérouse’ is a Defence Exercise to be conducted by which country?

Answer: France

  1. Which organisation has developed an Advanced Chaff to safeguard naval ships against missile attack?

Answer: DRDO

  1. Shantir Ogrosena-2021 is a multinational military exercise held between which two countries?

Answer: India- Bangladesh

  1. The day on which the Indian Army launched Operation MEGHDOOT is observed as which special Day?

Answer: Siachen Day


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