Tiruchirapalli Corporation to Collect Excess Food Items

The Tiruchirappalli City Municipal Corporation in Tamil Nadu has decided to place a refrigerator at a location on EVR Road. The initiative is inspired by the success of the earlier initiative of Wall of Happiness.

Akshaya Pathiram

The City Corporation has decided to place a large refrigerator to serve the people. People could place excess food from houses, Vendors could bring unsold vegetables and fruits and further fruits and vegetables which go unused and eventually gets thrown as waste could be deposited in the refrigerators.

Anyone can come and leave food here and those in need can take it. The initiative has been tentatively named ‘Akshaya Pathiram’.

Wall of Happiness

The city corporation had launched the initiative Wall of Happiness in 2017. Residents used to deposit clothes while those who visit the Wall could take whatever they require.  Within a week, all 18 shelves were found packed with clothes. There were many takers for these clothes especially patients and other visitors to the hospital.

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