Talkative Dinosaur found in Mexico

The Palaeontologists recently identified a new species of dinosaur called the Talkative Dinosaur. It was identified in the northern Mexico. The research is being conducted by the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico.

About the fossil

  • The fossil was discovered 10 years ago. However, the species was discovered now.
  • The fossil dates back to 70 million years ago.
  • The new species was identified after 80% of its head was recovered. The palaeontologists first uncovered its tail. So far the crest of the dinosaur, its upper jaws, neurocranium and lower jaws have been uncovered. Neurocranium is the part where the brain is housed.
  • The research began in 2013 when the tail of a dinosaur was discovered.
  • The dinosaur must have died in a water body full of sediments. That is why its body has been preserved through ages.

About Talkative Dinosaur

  • It is called “Tlatolophus galorum”.
  • It was a crested dinosaur. The crest of Talkative Dinosaur was 1.32 metres tall.
  • The shape of the crest of the dinosaur is similar to that of a symbol used by the Meso American people. The Meso Americans lived in North America around thousand years ago. In the sixteenth century diseases such as measles and smallpox wiped off 90% of indigenous people in the region.
  • It is a herbivore dinosaur.
  • The Talkative Dinosaurs had ears that could hear low frequency sounds.
  • These dinosaurs emitted strong sounds for reproductive purposes and also to scare away predators.

Crested Dinosaurs

  • The Crested Dinosaurs were first discovered in 2005 in Mexico.
  • They are usually twelve metres in length.


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