Select Committee

A select committee is a committee which comprises up of a few parliamentary members who are appointed to deal with a particular area or issue which may originate in the parliament. It is the feature of the Westminster system of parliamentary democracy.

How does a select committee work?

There are rules which allow a member to move an amendment to move a bill (under Rule 125 of the Rajya Sabha Rules and Procedures) for it to be referred to a select committee. Following this, if the motion is carried forward, the bill is referred to such a committee.

What happens afterward?

  • After a bill has been referred to a select committee, it is to meet from time to time and submit a report within the time fixed by the House.
  • If there is no deadline, the report is due for submission before the expiry of three months from the date on which the House allowed the motion for referring the bill to the select committee.
  • However, this deadline can be altered by the House if amotion requesting the same is moved by a member of the house.

Why is it in the news?

In the ongoing monsoon session, the opposition wanted to refer the RTI Bill to a Select Committee. However, the bill could not be sent to the select committee as there was no consensus.

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