Poorna Malavath scales Sixth Tallest Peak

Poorna Malavath has conquered the six highest peak in six continents in succession after scaling the highest peak of Antarctica, Mount Vinson Massif on 26th December 2019. Poorna also holds the record for the youngest girl in the world to scale Mount Everest at the age of 13 years and 11 months back in 2014. As a fellow of the United State’s Global Undergraduate Exchange Programme, she is currently pursuing undergraduate course from the Minnesota State University in United States.

Poorna has set a target to scale the seven tallest summits from the seven continents of the world, and has achieved six of them after the conquest of Mount Vinson Massif. 18-year-old Poorna now aims for the highest peak of the North American Continent, Mount Denali. Her success story has already attracted national attention with a Bollywood biopic on her named ‘Poorna: Courage has no limit’ was released back in 2017 and a biography of her named ‘Poorna: The youngest girl in the world to scale Mount Everest’ written by Aparna Thota was published by Prism books in 2019.


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