National Productivity Day 2022

India celebrated National Productivity Day on February 12, 2020 which provides for planning time, skills, energy, intelligence, resources, and opportunities in order to achieve goals.

Who organises the day?

National Productivity Day is organised by National Productivity Council (NPC), with the objective of stimulating and promoting productivity and quality awareness in all sectors of India.

Productivity Week

National Productivity Council will celebrate “National Productivity Week” from February 12 to 18, 2022.  The week is celebrated with following objectives:

  1. To draw attention towards the concept of encouraging implementation of productivity tools.
  2. To enhance techniques with contemporary relevant themes.
  3. To propagate productivity, competitiveness, quality, and efficiency.
  4. To increase consciousness through seminars, workshops and quality events.
  5. To arrange seminars, campaigns as well as provide knowledge on enhancing productivity.

Theme of the day

National Productivity Council will celebrate productivity week under the theme “Self-Reliance Through Productivity.”

Significance of the day

The National Productivity Day is celebrated to raise awareness on productivity, innovation and efficiency. Raising productivity awareness is significant for maximising production with optimal resource utilisation.

National Productivity Council (NPC)

NPC is an autonomous organisation established in 1958. It works under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. National Productivity Day also celebrates formation of NPC. It is national institution dedicated to promote India’s productivity culture.  NPC has been registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. It is a constituent of Tokyo-based Asian Productivity Organisation (APO), which is an Inter-Governmental Body. India is a founder member of APO. The NPC not only provides a solution but also increases productivity, profits, competitiveness, ensures better quality and augments safety.



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