NASA Webb Telescope bags Prestigious Space Foundation

The James Webb Telescope is an infrared space telescope orbiting the sun. The telescope was jointly developed by European Space Agency, NASA, and Canadian Space Agency. It is the successor of the Hubble telescope. The James Webb Telescope has been discovering many new facts and making extraordinary explorations since its launch. Recently, the James Webb Telescope won the space Space Foundation Award.

About the Space Foundation Award

It is a prestigious award and it recognizes individuals and organizations that make breakthroughs in the space field.

James Webb Telescope Greatest Inventions

  • The first image of the James Webb telescope was of a cluster of galaxies called SMACS 0723
  • It then captured the performances of a dying star. The star was from Stephan’s Quintet galaxy. So far no telescope has seen an image of the galaxy
  • It captured the “Great Red Spot” of Jupiter. The spot is in Jupiter and extremely massive and violent storms occur here. Also, the telescope captured pictures of Jupiter and its moons. It is always difficult to take a picture or observe the prograde moons of Jupiter. Because they are very close to the planet and the scattering of light from the planet obscures them. But James Webb Telescope captured clear pictures of prograde moons using its IR cameras.



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