NanoBlitz 3D

Scientists at ARCI, under DST, have developed a tool called Nanoblitz 3D for mapping nano-mechanical properties of various materials.

About Nanoblitz 3D

Nanoblitz 3D is a tool for mapping nano-mechanical properties like hardness, elastic modulus, etc. of materials like softwood, shale, glass-fibre-reinforced polymer composites, dual-phase steels, multi-phase alloys, composites, and multi-layered coatings. The tool is expected to expedite the development of high performance materials.


The tool will enable the use of ICME approach in developing novel materials. ICME or Integrated Computational Material Engineering is the approach to design novel materials by focusing on 4 key links:

  • Process- by which the material’s structures are formed.
  • Structures- formed in the material.
  • Properties- arising due to the structures.
  • Performance and how a material is to be selected for a specific application.


ARCI or International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials is an autonomous institution under the Department of Science and Technology. It became operational in 1995 and functions as a grants-in-aid institution. Its objectives are to develop high performance materials and processes for niche market, technological demonstration at prototype scale, technology transfer to Indian industry, etc.

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