Mumbai: Host of IOC Session 2023

The city of Mumbai will be hosting the 2023 International Olympic Committee session. This event will see the election for the 2030 Winter Olympics host country and the sports programme for the Olympic Games scheduled in Los Angeles for the year 2028. This IOC session will be held either in the months of May or June the next year.


The announcement confirms that India will host the prestigious IOC meeting for the first time since the year 1983. This will help in bringing in engagement between the Olympic Movement and the youths of the nation.

As India gets to host this session, India will be front-runners to host the 2030 Youth Olympics and can push for the 2036 Summer Olympics.

What is an IOC session?

The annual gathering of the members of the IOC, which consists of 101 voting members and 45 honorary members, is known as an IOC session.

Decisions and discussions on key aspects of the worldwide Olympic movement, such as the approval of any change of the Olympic Charter, the election of IOC members, and the selection of the Olympic host city are done in the IOC sessions.


The 2023 IOC session will be a crucial moment in the sporting chapter of the country as it will establish the nation on the global sporting map, opening up multiple opportunities in the organization of world-class training infrastructure, sporting events, nurturing sports talent, enriching the lives of millions of Indian athletes and sports viewers.



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