Kelly Knight Craft is the new US ambassador to the UN

US President Donald Trump has announced the nomination of Kelly Knight Craft as the new US ambassador to the UN. The post of the US ambassador to the UN was vacant due to the resignation of Nikki Haley. Kelly Knight Craft is currently serving as the US ambassador to Canada. The appointment would be formalised after the approval by the US Senate.

Functions of the US ambassador to the UN

  • Representing the United States on the U.N. Security Council and during almost all plenary meetings of the General Assembly
  • Keep the U.S. State Department informed of events at the United Nations.
  • Making recommendations to the State Department and the president as to what course of action the United States should pursue.

The US ambassador to the UN currently holds the Cabinet-level position. Reports suggest that role will probably be downgraded from the Cabinet-level position.

Kelly Knight Craft

Kelly Knight Craft who is currently serving as ambassador to Canada was the first woman to ever hold the post. Previously she had served as an alternate delegate to the UN during President George W Bush’s reign where her focuses included Africa.


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