Iodic Acid drives Arctic Amplification: Key Facts, Reasons, Impacts, Causes

An International team of scientists from the Stockholm University have identified that the iodic acid is the key driver of aerosol particle formation in The Arctic. These aerosols are responsible for the Arctic amplification. Their presence in the region has increased lately.

 What is Arctic amplification?

In the past 30 years the Arctic region has warmed twice the rate. This is called Arctic amplification.

 How do aerosols influence Arctic amplification?

The aerosol particles in the atmosphere influence the formation of Clouds. The clouds under the process called aerosol radiative forcing reflect solar radiation. They also retain heat on the earth surface. Increased aerosols in the atmosphere increases the heat retaining capacity of the clouds which in turn ATS 2 to Arctic amplification

What is aerosol radiative forcing?

It is the phenomenon that says that the effect of anthropogenic aerosols is higher over higher altitudes.  The aerosols mainly influenced the radiative fluxes in the top of the atmosphere. This is common in western trans Himalayas.

Reasons of Arctic amplification

the ocean currents are changing. The current in the region usually bring warmer water from the Pacific and moves out the colder water from the Arctic into Atlantic. This is slowly changing because of melting ice in the Arctic Ocean.

The Polar jet stream is changing. The ocean currents drive the polar jet stream. However, as the Arctic are warming up the jet stream are undulating wildly injecting warm air into the Arctic.

Is there an Antarctic amplification?

There is no such phenomenon called Antarctic amplification. The Antarctic warming is not similar to that of Arctic. On the other hand, it is similar to that of the Global average.

This is mainly because the anthropogenic factors in the Antarctic is less compared to that of the Arctic.

As Arctic ice melting countries in the region are opening new sea routes. They are also conducting new mineral exploration in the region.


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