India’s Export of Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits export from India has witnessed a major growth. The major destinations of exports of fresh fruits include the Netherlands, Bangladesh, the UK, the UAE, Iran, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Qatar, and Oman.


  • In April-January 2021-22, guava exports have risen to USD 2.09 million against USD 0.58 million recorded in April-January 2013-14.
  • Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) and Curd (yogurt) exports have increased as well, to USD 30 million in April–January 2021-22 from USD 10 million in April–January 2013-14.

Which fruits and vegetables are mostly exported from India?

Pomegranates, Grapes, Bananas, Mangoes, and Oranges are the most variety of fruits that are exported from the country. In vegetables, Mixed Vegetables, Onions, Tomatoes, Potatoes, and Green Chilly take the major share of exports from India.

What are the major destinations of export of dairy products?

The UAE, the United States, Bangladesh, Singapore, Bhutan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and Indonesia are all the major destinations of dairy export from India.

What will be the effect on the fruit exported from India due to the Russia-Ukraine crisis?

New restrictions, such as Russia’s exclusion from the SWIFT system, are likely to have an impact on India’s grape and mango exports. The restrictions will severely limit the ability of the Indian exporters to explore market opportunities in the United States. Currently, grapes are being exported in full swing from India and the sanctions on Russia will hamper this. The sanctions will not only affect the payments of the Indian exporters but will also hamper the movement of containers.



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