Idaho’s Abortion Trafficking Law

On April 5, Idaho Gov. Brad Little signed into law House Bill 232, which creates a new crime called “abortion trafficking.” The law makes it illegal for adults to get abortion drugs for a minor or to “recruit, harbor or transport the pregnant minor” across state lines to terminate a pregnancy without parental consent. The law also prohibits anyone from helping a minor get an abortion by supplying them drugs or helping them across state lines to terminate a pregnancy without parental consent. The new law takes effect on 1st of July this year.

New Crime: Abortion Trafficking

The new crime, “abortion trafficking,” carries a potential jail sentence of two to five years. The Idaho attorney general has the power to bring charges against people accused of violating the law, even if the county prosecutor chooses not to pursue criminal charges. The law specifically targets only the portion of a trip that occurs within the state when seeking abortion services from an out-of-state provider. It does not limit an adult woman from obtaining an abortion in another state.

Reaction to the Law

Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates-West condemned the law, calling it “despicable,” and vowed to stop it. Idaho is one of 36 U.S. states that mandate parental involvement regarding a minor’s decision to have an abortion. However, Washington, Oregon, and California have been presented as safe havens for women seeking abortions.



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