HRD Minister launches ‘YUKTI 2.0’ Platform

On 23rd June 2020, Ramesh Pokhriyal (Union Human Resource Development Minister) launched YUKTI 2.0. The YUKTI 2.0 web portal initiative is a logical extension of the earlier version of ‘YUKTI (launched on 11th April 2020)’ and is in line with the mission of making AtmaNirbhar Bharat.

YUKTI stands for Young India combating COVID with Knowledge, Technology, and Innovation. YUKTI portal was launched for identifying many more disruptive solutions from higher Education Institutes as the thinking of the youngsters are more innovative.

YUKTI 2.0 Portal

The YUKTI 2.0 portal is for the Higher Education Institutes of New Delhi. Through the portal, the objective will be to acquire technologies in a very holistic and comprehensive way from startup incubators that have commercial potential.  The startup incubators will by the student entrepreneurs. The portal will help in establishing a market place where these young innovators will be connected with investors.

Further, the support required for advancing the innovations and technologies of the Higher Education Institutions will be endeavored by the HRD Ministry through the portal.

For the success of AtmaNirbhar Bharat, it is important that a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation is fostered in the educational institutions of the country. For this, initiatives like YUKTI are essential to convert the young idea into enterprises.


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