Mains Mock Tests for Civil Services 2011 (Download)

GKToday had conducted a Mock Test Series for Civil Services Mains Examination 2011 for our members of Target 2011 & Mock Test Series 2011. This Mock Test Series comprised 6 Mock Tests based upon the pattern of UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination of last few years.

We are placing these Mock Tests on our website for free download for the aspirants who have done well in UPSC Prelims 2011 and are expecting good results. These Tests are unsolved and can be helpful for interested readers to create their own list of probable and important topics and chalk out their own strategy for the Mains Examination 2011.

Kindly click the button given below to download these mock tests. (Zip File : 1 MB)

Civil Services Mains 2011 Mock Tests



  • Prem Nath Mudiraj

    Hello Sir

    Just is downloaded the Mock Test Series, It is excellent Work. I really, really thankful for Sagacious work.

  • ashish

    Are u goin to provide the guidelines for the answers?

    • GKToday


  • sujal

    hello sir,
    can u provide with some guidelines for mains mock test and solutions for stastics.thank u.

  • geeta

    Thank you so much for the great work, very useful and important indeed. please keep updating the mock test series, it will be of great use.

  • pratik

    thank you.