Constitution Articles related to Delhi’s Statehood demand

  • Administration of the Union Territories comes under Article 239 which puts them under President through an administrator. However, power to decide the “structure” of administration in UT is vested in Parliament{Article 239A}. Parliament was also empowered to create a legislature or Council of Ministers or both for a UT.
  • In Article 239AA {inserted by 69th amendment act, 1991} there are special provisions regarding Delhi. This article designates the Union Territory of Delhi as National Capital Territory of Delhi and provides for a legislative assembly for Delhi. However, the legislative assembly of Delhi was empowered to make laws on all subjects of state list or concurrent list except four subjects viz. Public order, Police, Land and Offenses against the laws.
  • Due to this Delhi Police comes under Ministry of Home Affairs in the Union. Delhi Development Corporation comes under Union Urban Development Ministry.

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