Atharva Veda

Atharvan was a legendary Rishi in Vedic ages and is considered to have sung the Atharvaveda. He is also said to have first instituted the fire-sacrifice or yagna. Atharvaveda was mainly composed by two groups of rishis known as the Atharvanas and the Angirasa, hence its oldest name is Ātharvāgirasa.

Atharvaveda contains the magic spells, incorporates much of early traditions of healing and magic that are paralleled in other Indo-European literatures.

There are two surviving recensions or Shakhas known as Śaunakīya (AVS) and Paippalāda (AVP).

  • Gopath Brahmana is the Brahmana of Yajurveda.
  • There are no Aranyakas of Atharvaveda.
  • There are three Unishads viz. Prasna, Mundaka and Manukya.
  • Satyamev Jayate, India’s Motto comes from Mundaka Upanishad.
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