Forest Survey of India

The Forest Survey of India is located at Dehradun and its four zonal offices are located at Shimla, Kolkata, Nagpur and Bangalore.

  • Precursor to the FSI was “Pre-investment Survey of Forest Resources” (PISFR). The PISFR project was initiated in 1965 by the Government of India with the sponsorship of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

On June 1, 1981, PISFR was reorganized and thus was established the Forest Survey of India. The Government redefined the mandate of FSI in 1986 in order to make it more relevant to the rapidly changing needs and aspirations of the country.

1. The FSI assesses the forest cover of the country through Remote Sensing technology, analyze the changes and prepare State of Forest Report. The state of Forest Report is published biennially.

2. It conducts inventory in forests and no forest areas at national level and develop database on wood volume and also estimates tree cover.

Forest Survey of India has been bringing out ‘State of Forest Reports’ since 1987 based on interpretation of satellite images. Last such report was the India State of Forest Report 2009, 11th in the series.

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