‘EGS77’ Farthest Galaxy Group Identified to date

The 235th meeting of the American Astronomical Society was conducted on Sunday, 5th January 2020 at Honolulu during which an international team of Astronomers funded in parts by the independent agency responsible for civilian space program in the United States, the National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) presented the findings of the farthest galaxy group identified to date, named EGS77.

In the act of clearing out the cosmic fog, the trio of galaxies ECG77 became the first galaxy group to be caught in the act and is estimated to be dated back when the universe was only 680 million years old. During the earlier phase, the young universe was a glowing plasma of particles in which atoms could not exist, later it was filled with hydrogen atoms that reduce the force of ultraviolet light in a manner that it blocked the view of the earlier galaxies from Earth. Lyman alpha emission is the quick re-emission of far-ultraviolet light when the hydrogen atoms are readily absorbed, it is prominent in all the members of EGS77.


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