Dubai to launch World’s First Air Taxi Service

The Dubai Air Taxi Service is a planned aerial transportation network set to revolutionize urban mobility in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Scheduled to commence operations in 2026, it will be the world’s first city-wide air taxi service when launched.

In February 2024, Dubai entered agreements at the World Government Summit greenlighting the development of a city-wide eVTOL air taxi system. The accords marked a global first-of-its-kind commitment to launch such an extensive service and cemented Dubai’s leading role spearheading transportation innovation worldwide.

Key Features

The air taxi service will use the Joby Aviation S4, a four-seater electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft capable of a 161 km range and 321 km/hr top speed. The taxi fleet and accompanying vertiport infrastructure will enable on-demand aerial rides across Dubai.

Key features of the air taxi service include:

  • Zero operating emissions from the all-electric S4 aircraft
  • Minimal noise relative to conventional aircraft like helicopters
  • Vertiport stations requiring less space than traditional airports
  • High-speed connectivity surpassing ground transport
  • Enhanced accessibility and passenger convenience

The service is in line with Dubai’s vision to pioneer sustainable and efficient transportation. By integrating aerial taxis into the urban landscape through vertiports situated across the city, the initiative promises to redefine mobility in modern metropolises.

About Air Taxi Service

Air taxi service refers to a form of on-demand air transportation that offers short-distance flights for individuals or small groups, typically between nearby cities, towns, or airports. Unlike traditional commercial airlines, which operate scheduled flights along established routes, air taxi services provide flexibility and convenience by allowing passengers to charter flights according to their specific travel needs and preferences.


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