Daily Current Affairs Quiz : November 30, 2023

1. Which institution released the ‘FASTER 2.0’ portal?

[A] Election Commission of India
[B] Supreme Court of India
[D] NITI Aayog

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2. Which city is the host of the World Climate Action Summit 2023?

[A] New Delhi
[B] London
[C] Dubai
[D] Colombo

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3. Which organisation manufactures the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) for Indian Air Force?

[D] L&T

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4. ‘Cairns Group’, which is seen in the news, is associated with countries of which category?

[A] Oil Exporting
[B] Agricultural Exporting
[C] Milk Exporting
[D] Meat Exporting

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5. As per SEBI Mandate, how many basis points of assets of AMCs should be spent on investor awareness activities?

[A] 1 basis point
[B] 2 basis points
[C] 5 basis points
[D] 10 basis points

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