Daily Current Affairs Quiz : November 3, 2021

1. Which Union Ministry launched the ‘Deep Dive Online Training program’?

[A] Ministry of Finance
[B] Ministry of Electronics and IT
[C] Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
[D] Ministry of Rural Development

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2. Who is the Chairman of the Prime Minister’s Economic advisory council (EAC-PM)?

[A] Bibek Debroy
[B] Rakesh Mohan
[C] Poonam Gupta
[D] T T Ram Mohan

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3. Which institution releases the periodic Greenhouse gas (GHG) bulletin?

[A] NITI Aayog
[B] World Meteorological Organisation
[C] Food and Agricultural Organisation

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4. ‘AY.4.2’, which was seen in the news recently, is a?

[A] AI Chatbot
[B] Coronavirus lineage
[C] Space vehicle
[D] Exo-planet

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5. ‘Joint Statistical Publication (JSP) 2021 and JSP Snapshot 2021’ are the publications of which regional association?

[A] G-20

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