Daily Current Affairs Quiz : November 27, 2021

1. “Magdalena Andersson” was the first female prime minister of which country, who has resigned in less than 12 hours of office?

[A] Denmark
[B] Australia
[C] Sweden
[D] Ireland

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2. What is the name of the scheme, which provides five kg grain per person per month free of cost to all NFSA beneficiaries?

[A] PM – KVY
[B] PM – JDY
[C] PM – FBY

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3. As per the National Family and Health Survey (NFHS-5), there are how many women for 1000 men in the country in 2019-2021?

[A] 1000
[B] 941
[C] 1020
[D] 916

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4. Which is the fourth stealth Scorpene class submarine that was commissioned to the Indian Navy recently, under Project 75?

[A] INS Chakra
[B] INS Hamsa
[C] INS Hamla
[D] INS Vela

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5. Pakistan has permitted India to transport 50,000 tonnes of wheat and life-saving medicines to which country?

[A] Turkmenistan
[B] Iran
[C] Afghanistan
[D] Tajikistan

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