What is iFLOWS?

iFLOWS is a flood warning system that alerts flood prone areas. The warning is provided 6 to 72 hours in advance. It was launched in Mumbai.


iFLOWS was launched by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uddav Thackeray and Dr Harsh Vardhan, the Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare. iFLOWS is Integrated Flood Warning System. The system provides all information related to flood prone areas. The details include height the flood water could attain, vulnerability and risk elements exposed to floods and location-wise problematic areas across the wards.


The amount of rainfall is the primary source of the system. However, Mumbai being a coastal city, the system also includes details of tidal waves, storm tides for its flood assessments. The iFLOWS system also has provisions to capture urban drainage of the Mumbai city.

Modules of iFLOWS

The iFLOWS comprises of seven modules namely Flood, Inundation, Data Assimilation, Vulnerability, risks module, decision support system and Dissemination module.

Why in Mumbai?

Mumbai being the financial capital of India is experiencing floods frequently these days. The 2017 floods had almost made the city standstill. The 2005 floods paralyzed Mumbai. In 2005, the city received rainfall of 94 cm, that was a 100 year high in a time span of just 24 hours.


The system based on location, the rain recorded, topography and forecast generates flood warnings for a specific geographical area of the city. The details are then sent to the authorities. The alert includes tide levels, rainfall information, storm surges and low-lying areas that are expected to be affected. This will help in minimizing the damages greatly evacuating people to safe areas.




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