US Lower House Passes Bill to Remove Confederate Names from Military Bases

The United States Lower house, the House of Representatives, has passed a $740 billion funding bill aimed at removing the names of the Confederate soldiers and leaders to be scrapped from the American military bases.

The US President had threatened to veto the bill if it requires the Defense Department to remove confederate names from military bases. This is part of the Section 2829 which aims at a sustained effort to erase the names from the history who do not meet an –ever-shifting standard of conduct.

Recently, the names and statues of men who owned slaves or fought with the proponents of slavery side during the American Civil War gave been attacked during the nationwide protests that broke out against the police brutality and racism sparked by the death of George Floyd, a black man from Minneapolis.

Who are Confederates?

Known as Southern Confederacy, it refers to 11 states which renounced their existing agreement with the other states of the United States in 1860-186. The main objective of this new block was to thwart the authority of the central government and also to protect the institution of slavery in the states. Now, the protests are being conducted against slavery and that is why; this issue has come in the limelight.




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