Union Government forms task force to expedite work on inter-linking of rivers

Union Government on 14 April 2015 constituted a task force on interlinking of rivers in the country.
The Task Force will be chaired by former Secretary of Ministry of Water Resources B N Navalawala and comprises experts and senior officials.
Terms of References of Task Force

  • Take up all issues related to expediting the work on interlinking of rivers in the country.
  • Consider alternative plans in case of infeasible links in the present National Perspective Plan (NPP) apart from examining the existing links which are laid out as per the NPP under both Himalayan and Peninsular components.
  • Facilitate interlinking of intra-basin and intra-state Rivers, along with that of inter-state and inter-basin links.
  • Recommend time schedules for completing feasibility studies of all the river links along with implementation schedule.
  • Suggest different means of funding mechanisms for the interlinking of rivers project.
  • Provide guidance norms of appraisal for individual projects in respect of economic viability, environmental impacts, socio-economic and preparation of resettlement plans.
  • Device suitable mechanisms in order to bring speedy consensus among the states.
  • To implement the interlinking of Rivers, propose suitable organizational structure.



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