Union Cabinet approves changes introduced in Surrogacy (Regulation) bill

On February 26, 2020, the Union Cabinet approved the changes introduced to the Surrogacy (Regulation) bill, 2019. The changes were introduced by the 23-member select committee of Rajya Sabha.


The changes approved include not only close relatives but “any woman” willing to act as a surrogate mother shall be allowed. It has also approved deleting the definition of infertility. Earlier infertility in the bill was defined as inability to conceive after unprotected intercourse for 5 years. The committee believed that it was too long period for a couple to wait for a child. The Insurance Cover of a surrogate mother is to be increased from 16 months to 36 months.


The Surrogacy (Regulation) bill was passed in Lok Sabha in 2019. The aim of the bill was to prevent commercial surrogacy. It also aims to promote altruistic surrogacy that does not demand monetary compensation apart from medical expenses and insurance.




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