UN: Food aid for the North Koreans

The UN World Food Program called the White house and the other western countries to aid North Korea. North Korea is facing a food shortage of 1.4 million tonnes due to the heat waves and flooding. 40% of the population are already undernourished. This will have serious impacts on the children. The situation has arisen mainly due to the natural disasters that damaged rice, wheat, potatoes and other crops. Along with the damage, the sanctions have created food shortage in the country.

Russia responded by sending 50, 000 metric tonnes of wheat. The second Trump ”Kim summit was a failure. This is because the US refused the North Korean demands for sanctions relief. The sanctions would be removed by the US only after North Korea agrees on denuclearisation.

The Military head of the North Korean wing recently addressed that the North Korea has not stopped its production of nuclear weapons, though they have stopped testing. Many satellite images confirm his statement.

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