Tree Felling Banned in Bihar

Citing increasing pollution as well as a fatal heatwave, the government of Bihar has withdrawn the permissions granted to cut trees for development works. However, there are no restrictions on felling of Trees on private land.

Development Work Stalled?

The withdrawal of Permission doesn t mean that the developmental works would be stalled. The new order mandates that anybody who would now want to remove a tree for any development project would have to translocate it.

Tree Translocation

Tree translocation is a process in which the entire tree is uprooted as a whole and is re-planted at a different location instead of being cut down. This aids in promoting development or urbanization without harming the greenery and health of the environment.

For translocation, the earth around the roots is dug and the roots are treated with chemicals to help in the translocation of trees. The tree is then lifted with a crane after about a week and the roots are packed up in a large jute bag, making a root ball out of them.

The tree is then transported to a new place where a root trench has already been made and the soil has been treated with anti-pest and anti-disease chemicals. The tree is then planted in a new trench.


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