Spice jet steps into medical device industry

Spice jet an airline which is known for its business diversification recently announced the launch of portable ventilators, oximeters which is up for sale on the company’s ecommerce portal.

In Brief

Unsurprisingly, Spice jet is widely known for bringing variation in its business. Before this the company had already entered into fashion retail, merchandise and e-commerce, freight movement, fresh farm produce. It is also contending for a role in the defence sector through SpiceJet Technic. Recently the company has also emerged as India’s largest cargo company. Now, apart from all these the company has stepped into manufacturing medical devices. Fingertip pulse oximeter, non-invasive ventilation device is some among the other devices which the company started to manufacture. These devices have been designed at SpiceJet’s innovation lab by a team of talented engineers from SpiceJet Technic.

About the devices

In a press statement, the airline authority stated that, the medical device named “SpiceOxy” is intended to provide non-invasive ventilator support to treat adult and paediatric patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) or respiratory insufficiency. The device is turbine based and light weight, thereby, perfect to use at home, in an ambulance, on hilly terrains like army base camps, hospitals, and portable applications such as wheelchairs. The device is very effective for maintaining oxygen levels and ventilation in patients and is of significant help for symptomatic Covid-19 patients with mild to moderate breathing symptoms. The company also highlights that the device is cost-effective, compact and easy-to-use. The device high on performance requires minimal maintenance with good battery back-up.




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