Russian Docking Module Arrives at ISS

On November 26, 2021, a Russian cargo craft carrying a new docking module was successfully connected with the International Space Station (ISS), following a two-day space journey.

Key Points

  • The new spherical module is named Prichal (Pier) was docked with the orbiting outpost.
  • It comprises of six docking ports.
  • The module will allow potential future expansion of Russian segment of the space station.
  • It has secured to the docking port of new Russian Nauka (Science) laboratory module.
  • The Soyuz rocket took off on November 24, from the Russian launch facility in Baikonur, Kazakhstan. It carried the Progress cargo ship with Prichal attached to it. After entering space, cargo ship went into orbit with the module.
  • Progress cargo ship is also delivering 700 kilos of several cargoes to the space station.
  • The ship is expected to undock from ISS on December 22.

First Soyuz spacecraft

The first Soyuz spacecraft is expected to dock on March 18, 2022, at the new module, with a crew of three cosmonauts namely, Denis Matveev, Oleg Artemyev, and Sergei Korsakov.

Who is operating space outpost?

Currently, the space outpost is operated by NASA astronauts namely, Kayla Barron, Thomas Marshburn, Raja Chari, & Mark Vande Hei as well as Russian cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov & Pyotr Dubrov and Matthias Maurer from European Space Agency.

About Prichal nodal module

Prichal nodal module is a Russian spacecraft and a part of International Space Station. The module was approved in 2011 and was finally launched on November 24, 2021 onboard “Progress M-UM”. Its operations will start in 2022.




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