Rs. 5,908 crore Additional Central Assistance to 7 States

The Centre has approved the release of funds amounting to Rs.5908 crores to 7 states. The High-Level Committee today was chaired by the Union Home Minister Amit Shah in New Delhi. Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra, and Tripura are the states on the roll to receive the funds. The funds have been allocated accordingly of which Assam will be given Rs.616.63 crores, Rs. 284.93 crores to Himachal Pradesh, Rs.1749.63 crores to Madhya Pradesh, 956.93 crores to Maharastra, Rs.361.17 crores to Uttar Pradesh and Rs.63.32 crores to Tripura. The funds are being given for the Southwest Monsoon, landslides, cloudbursts and flood during the year 2019. The meeting also saw the presence of Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman along with other officials of Departments of Agriculture, HomeAffairs, Finance, NITI AAYOG, and Agriculture.

The center had paid an amount of Rs.3200 crores earlier to four states including Rs.1200 crores to Karnataka, Rs.1000 crores to Madhya Pradesh, Rs.600 crores to Maharashtra and Rs.400 crores to Bihar. During the year 2019-20, the Central Government has released Rs.8068.33 crores among 27 states from the State Disaster Relief Fund (SDRF).



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