“Patna” – World's Longest Free Wi-Fi Zone in India

The Chief Minister of Bihar, Mr. Nitish Kumar unveiled the world’s longest free Wi-Fi zone at the e-Bihar summit in Patna.  The free Wi-Fi zone stretched nearly 20 km between the National Institute of Technology (NIT) at the eastern end of the Ashok Rajpath and Danapur at the western end of the state capital, Patna.

  • This new free Wi-Fi zone beats the current world’s longest zone of 3.5 km in China.

In a bid to make Patna crime-free, Mr. Kumar also inaugurated the ‘city surveillance and dial 100’ project, wherein 100s’ of CCTV cameras would be installed all over the city for better safety and security.

  • A state data centre has also been opened for storing of the ‘data’ collected by these cameras.
  • This project will enable CCTVs to capture vehicle numbers and person’s identity instantly, which would be shared all over the network to nab any criminal. Every vehicle entering or exiting the city would be monitored this way.

Positive Outcome of Free Wi-Fi zone: Still, internet connectivity in India is poor and Wi-Fi hubs are rare. Also, free WiFi zones are next to negligible in the country. Such a step has put not just India on the global map but even made Bihar an example to follow for other states.



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