National Legal Services Day: November 9

National Legal Services Day (NLSD) is observed every year in India on 9th November to spread awareness for ensuring reasonable fair and justice procedure for all citizens.
The aim of celebrating this day is to offer free of charge, proficient and legal services to the people belonging to weaker sections of society. It also seeks to make sure availability of free services to weaker section people as well as making them conscious about their rights.
On this day, Lok Adalats are organized across the country to make safe the legal system operations and encourages righteousness of people on the equality basis. Besides, variety of legal literacy camps and functions are also organized to increase awareness of free legal aid towards every weak citizen of the country.

National Legal Services Day (NLSD)

It was started by Supreme Court of India in 1995 to provide help and support to poor and weaker sections of the society. It was established with mandate to offer help and support to weaker and poor group of sections of people which may be women, disabled persons, Scheduled Tribes (STs), children, Scheduled Castes (SCs), human trafficking victims as well as natural calamities victims.



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