National Gallery of Australia to return 14 Art Works to India including Chola idols

The National Gallery of Australia (NGA) has recently announced that they will be returning 14 pieces of artworks to India. These artworks also include Chola idols and they are from the museums Asian art collection section.


  • 13 artworks are connected to convicted art dealer Subhash Kapoor who was arrested for running a smuggling racket.
  • 1 piece of artwork was acquired from late William Wolff, New York-based art dealer.
  • $3 million is the total combined valuation of these artworks.
  • The artworks which will be returned to India include six bronze or stone sculptures, a painted scroll, six photographs and a brass processional standard.
  • Some of the artworks which are being returned to India dates back to the period of the Chola dynasty.


The NGA museum of Australia has said that many of the artworks were most likely either stolen or looted from India. Returning them to India is the right thing to do and doing so will further enhance the collaboration between India and Australia. Given the current COVID-19 situation, the physical handover of these works of art will be negotiated between the two countries over the next couple of months.




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