National Art Gallery to reopen in Chennai

The National Art Gallery in Chennai is to be reopened. It is an important component of the Egmore Museum in the city. It had been renovated at the cost of 11 crore INR by the Public Works Department. The restoration and conservation work was done under the guidance of the experts from the Archaeological Survey of India and the Heritage Committee. The gallery is to showcase precious exhibit which are to be secured by CCTV monitoring and distance cut-offs among other mechanisms.

The National Art Gallery is to feature about 200 unique displays including paintings, sculptures, carvings etc. Some of the exhibits include paintings by Ravi Varma, ivory artifacts, sandalwood artifacts, miniature artifacts, Rajput paintings, Tanjore paintings and other specimens from old schools of fine art. Some of the works contain semi-precious stones, gold inlays and topaz. These are very old with some exhibits being 100 years old.


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