K-4 Nuclear capable Underwater missile test fired by India

On January 19, 2020, India test fired K4, a 3,500 km range nuclear capable missile successfully. The missile is meant for Arihant-class submarines. Arihant is the first indigenously manufactured nuclear submarine.


The K4 missile was test fired from the East Coast of Andhra Pradesh from an underwater pontoon. India already operates Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile, K-15. However, the range of K-15 is limited to 750 km. The other under water missile being developed by India is BO-5, whose range is 700-km. India has also begun its research on K-5 whose target is 5,000 km.

K series missiles

The K-4 is an intermediate-range submarine launched ballistic missile. The K-series missiles are named after former president APJ Abdul Kalam. They are much faster than Agni missiles. The other K-series missiles are K-15, K-5 and K-6. The K-5 and K-6 are under development by DRDO.

The K-15 missiles also known as Sagarika missiles is a replica to the land-based Shaurya missile. The only difference is that K-15 are compatible to be deployed from submarines. The K-15 missile gets help from Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS).

India’s Nuclear Arsenal

India, today, holds 130 to 140 nuclear weapons. It holds 8,300 kg of plutonium that is capable of producing 1000 more nuclear weapons.

India has not signed the Nuclear-Test-Ban treaty and Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.




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