Israel successfully tests airborne high-power Laser

Israeli military has successfully tested an airborne high-power laser which have the capability to shoot down drones.

Key points

  • Israel already have large and sophisticated air defense system.
  • This system had 90 per cent interception rate against thousands of rockets which were fired from Gaza during 11-day war of May 2021.

About Israel’s Laser defence system

Laser is a prototype developed with Elbit Systems. It was mounted on a civilian plane and successfully shot down drones in recent test conducted over Mediterranean Sea.

What is a laser weapon?

Laser weapon is a directed-energy weapon which are based on lasers. As of January 2020, directed-energy weapons including lasers are currently at experimental stage despite several R&D. It is yet to be seen if or when laser weapons will be deployed as practical, high-performance military weapons. Laser generates a beam of light which needs clear air or a vacuum to work[5] without thermal blooming.

Challenges with laser weapon

Atmospheric thermal blooming is a major problem. This problem can worsen if fog, smoke, rain, dust, snow, smog, foam like obscurant chemicals is present.




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