Indian Railways take measures to prevent misuse of ‘Izzat’ Monthly Season Ticket

Ministry of Railways has taken further steps to make sure that the ‘Izzat’ Monthly Season Ticket  (Izzat MST) scheme actually reaches to the people belonging to low income category. These steps were taken in an order to prevent misuse of the scheme.
Under the new measures, following has been decided:

  1. Income certificates issued by the authority for issue of Izzat MST, will also be verified by local Government Officials such as BDO, Tehsildar, etc.
  2. A copy of the proof of residence such as Voter Identify Card, Driving License, Electricity Bill, etc. would also be retained for issue of the ‘Izzat’ monthly season tickets and the original should also be inspected.
  3. There shall be no change in other conditions of the Izzat monthly season ticket.
What is  ‘Izzat’ MST (Izzat MST) Scheme?
  • This scheme was announced by Ministry of Railways in the Railway Budget 2009-10.
  • Under this scheme, uniformly priced Monthly Season Tickets (MSTs) at Rs. 25/- inclusive of all surcharges which will be issued upto a distance of 100 Kms to persons working in unorganised sector with monthly income not exceeding Rs. 1500/-.



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