Coalition forces start offensive against ISIS

US coalition forces against ISIS have started with the first round of airstrikes against the brutal militant group and its hideouts. The battle as the commanders have put it will only become more hard and prolonged as the militants have started to take shelter in populated civilian areas.
The coalition forces have come prepared for a long battle as the fight will not be easy. The US will be fighting against two enemies-ISIS, which is spreading jihadi movement trying to carve out space on the map for its own country by establishing a Caliphate and also against Khorasan group which is a relatively much smaller group but is known for making plots to attack Europe and US. The coming days will even see more of similar air-strikes to root-out the militant group.
The airstrikes involved Tomahawk Missiles which were launched from sea which were followed by bombers and fighters. The bombing was targeted on the Syrian city of Raqqa which has been under ISIS control since 1 year. The city is considered as the capital of IS and has been used by the group as a control centre which houses weapons, accommodations and training grounds. The city which breathes tough and hardline Islamic rule imposed by the IS, is one of the model cities considered by IS. The airstrikes were meant to paralyze the supply chains of ISIS and cripple their governance for shortage of basic weaponry. US military told media that as the first targets of any air campaign are strategic locations. There were casualties reported on ground but haven’t been specified by the coalition forces. The forces are being seen as a commendable diplomatic achievement of US especially with the overwhelming support of the Arab nations. It is expected the strikes will continue for time to come till a heavy blow is given to IS targets in Syria.
There hasn’t been any confirmed reaction from the ISIS after the attacks which will help the military experts to drive intelligence and chalk out a future plan of action. The US State Department is said to have notified the Syrian regime of the attacks even though it did not seek a formal nod. The Syria has however given its go ahead via its ambassador to the UN in New York.