British government to go ahead with Rs 2.7 lakh visa bond

Screenshot_3The British government decided to go ahead with Rs 2.7 lakh Visa bond despite Prime Minister David Cameron’s gave assurance to exempt India from the controversial visa bond scheme though the Home Office insisted that it was meant to target only high risk applicants.

What is Pilot scheme by UK Govt. for the Rs 2.7 Lakh Visa bond?

Under this scheme that is to be introduced in November, 2013 for the first time visitors from six Commonwealth countries including India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ghana and Nigeria will need to deposit a cash bond of £3,000 for a British visa. It will apply only to those seeking a six-month visitors’ visa.

Why this Visa Bond Scheme by UK?

As per the UK government, the citizens of these six countries pose the major risk of abuse of visas. So they are interested in a system of bonds that deters overstaying and recovers costs if a foreign national has used their public services.

British traders’ ire for the UK’s Pilot visa bond Scheme:

Britain’s business circles stated that with the Pilot scheme wealthy tourists from countries like India and Nigeria would be put off and would damage their business who were otherwise a boost for their business.