Ammunition Factory Khadki, Pune, manufactured 40 mm UBGL (Under Barrel Grenade Launcher) Ammunition

Inspired by the call for ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, especially in the defence sector of the country, the Ammunition Factory in Khadki, Pune, has sent the first consignment of indigenized 40 mm Under Barrel Grenade Launcher (UBGL) to the Border Security Force.


With this, the Ammunition Factory at Khadki writes a new chapter on self-reliance and indigenization of 40 mm UBGL Ammunition production by sending this first consignment. It is expected now that the government will be able to procure this within the country only and imports will be curbed into the country for this product. Previously, this used to be imported by the Indian Army and the Ministry of Home Affairs units.

What is UBGL?

This ammunition is fired from a launcher fitted under the barrel of 5.56 mm rifle (INSAS). The 40 mm UBGL has several advantages over the traditional hand grenade because of its lightweight characters and also it has a range of 400 metres against the range for hand grenade at 30 m. this can also be fired by the same equipment by the soldier and it is also very safe ammunition for carrying by the soldiers.

There are basically four varieties of UBGL – 40 mm for practice, 40 mm for HEAP, 40 mm HEDP and 40 mm RP.

The ammunition made by the Khadki factory is prepared based on the components sourced from the Indian companies only.

Recent Developments in Defence Production

The government has recently released an Embargo list with 101 defence items and weapon systems that cannot be imported from other countries from Dec 2020 till Dec 2025. This decision has been taken so that the domestic industry for defence production can be strengthened and imports in this regard can be curbed. India is now the second-largest importer of arms in the world. The government wants to end this trend under the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ program of the government.




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