COVID Plasma Bank Opened in Odisha

Odisha government has inaugurated its first-ever plasma bank in order to treat the COVID 19 patients in the state. The plasma bank has been opened at SCB Medical College in Cuttack. With this, Odisha becomes the third state in the country after Delhi and Maharashtra to start a plasma bank to treat the COVID 19 infection.

Highlights of the Plasma Bank in Odisha

The State Government has made SCB Medical College the nodal agency for plasma therapy treatment whereas SUM Hospital, KIIMS Hospital in Bhubaneswar and Aswini Hospital in Cuttack have been selected for providing Plasma Therapy treatment. The Chief Minister has also announced that the plasma therapy treatment will be completely free of cost for the people of Odisha.

What is Plasma Therapy?

Plasma Therapy is a method of treatment being tried against the COVID 19 pandemic. The main idea is that the plasma is taken from a person who has already recovered from the disease and that will be infused in somebody who is presently suffering from COVID 19. The idea behind the therapy is that once a person recovers, the antibody is already produced in the blood of that person and certain cells also remember the antigen. These cells will produce antibodies when they come in contact with the same virus again. However, this therapy is not that beneficial for critical patients but can only work on patients with moderate symptoms.


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