Corona Virus: A new stain of virus found in China

On January 11, 2020, China reported the first death in the country due to pneumonia caused by a new virus that is of outbreak in the city of Wuhan. The Chinese scientists discovered that the new strain of virus is that of the corona virus.


According to the WHO, the outbreak in Wuhan in less virulent. However, China is responding swiftly to control the outbreak.

Earlier outbreaks

In 2002-03, the flu-like Sars virus that belongs to Corona virus family, killed more than 700 people in the world. The virus originated in China.

The other deadly virus of the corona virus is the MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome). There is no specific vaccine for the virus as of 2019. The virus was first identified in 2012 in Saudi Arabia. Most of the cases have occurred in Arabian peninsula.

Corona Virus

Corona Viruses were first found in humans in1960s. the viruses cause flu and gastro intestinal problems. They have great genetic variability, meaning, they can over come barriers between different species.

The virus has protrusions on its surface. This makes the virus look like an emperor’s crown and hence the name Corona virus. The protrusions are made of proteins The Virus can also infect cattle, dogs, pigs, camels, birds and hedgedogs apart from humans.


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