Cabinet approves continuation of O-SMART

Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved the continuation of umbrella scheme called “Ocean Services, Modelling, Application, Resources and Technology (O-SMART)” for the period of 2021-26.

Key Points

  • The approval was given for continuation at a cost of Rs 2177 crore.
  • The O-SMART scheme comprises of seven sub-schemes:
  1. Ocean Technology
  2. Ocean Modelling and Advisory Services (OMAS)
  3. Ocean Observation Network (OON)
  4. Ocean Non-Living Resources
  5. Marine Living Resources and Ecology (MLRE)
  6. Coastal Research
  7. Operation and Maintenance of Research Vessels.
  • All of the sub-schemes are being implemented by autonomous institutes of the Ministry of Earth Sciences.

What is O-SMART scheme?

The O-SMART is a government scheme, launched on August 29, 2018 with the aim of promoting ocean research and setting early warning weather systems. It also aims to address ocean development activities like technology, services, science, resources, and observations. This scheme is implemented by Ministry of Earth Sciences.

Objectives of O-SMART Scheme

The objectives of the O-SMART scheme include:

  1. To provide forecast & services based on continuous observation of oceans,
  2. To develop technologies & exploratory surveys to harness ocean resources sustainably.
  3. To promote front-ranking research in ocean sciences.

Significance of the scheme

O-SMART is a multidisciplinary continuing scheme. It will augment the capacity building of the nation at the international-level in oceanographic field through extensive research and technology development activities. This scheme will provide further comprehensive coverage by strengthening ongoing activities to delivering cutting edge technology which will be applicable for marine domain, understanding biodiversity towards conservation strategy, forecast & warning services etc in next five years.


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