Basava Jayanti

On May 3rd, 2022, Basava Jayanti, the birth anniversary of renowned philosopher Basaveshwara was celebrated.

Who is Basavanna?

Basavanna was a 12th-century poet, philosopher, and social reformer during the reign of the Kalyani Chalukya/Kalachuri dynasty.

When is Basava Jayanthi celebrated?

As per the Hindu calendar, the birth of Basavanna falls on the 3rd day of Vaisahaka month in the Shukla paksha. This usually falls either in April or May of the English calendar. It is celebrated primarily in the states of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh.

Which sect did Basavanna establish?

Basavanna is the founder of Lingayatism.

What is Lingayatism?

It is a Hindu denomination based on Shaivism. Lingayatism emphasizes qualified monism (vishista Advaita), with philosophical foundations similar to those of the 11th–12th-century Ramanuja. Lingayatism rejects the authority of Vedas and Puranas.

What social reforms are brought by Basavanna?

  • Basavanna believed in a society free of the caste system, with equal opportunity for all.
  • He rejected superstitions and rituals but introduced the Ishtalinga necklace to every person to be a constant reminder of one’s bhakti (devotion) to Shiva.
  • He condemned gender discrimination and animal sacrifices.
  • He also founded the Anubhava Mantapa (experience pavilion) in the 12th Century C.E., which welcomed people from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

What is Anubhava Mantapa?

  • Anubhava Mantapa is an academy, located in Basavakalyan in Bidar district of Karnataka.
  • The academy included Lingayat mystics, saints, and philosophers, who would congregate and share experiences and wisdom of life. Thus, it was the fountainhead of all religious and philosophical thought about the lingayat sect.
  • The Anubhava Mantapa is also called the Mahaamane.
  • The Anubhava Mantapa was also the fountainhead of the Vachana literature.

What are the literary works of Basavanna?

His literary works include the Vachana Sahitya in the Kannada Language. Through vachanaas, he spread social awareness in society.



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