Bandipur National Park

Bandipur National Park is a national park located in Karnataka, India.? The Bandipur National Park was formed by incorporating most of the forest areas in what was formerly the Venugopala Wildlife Park which had been established in 1941. The area was increased in 1985 and the entire region was renamed as the Bandipur National Park.

What is special about the Bandipur National park?

  • It was earlier a tiger reserve under Project Tiger. Karnataka has some of the highest population of tigers in India.?
  • When taken together with the nearby Nagarhole National Park, Mudumalai National Park, and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, the 4 protected areas form the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve which is the largest protected area in southern India and one of the largest remaining habitats of wild elephants in South Asian region.

Why is it in the news?

  • In a study prepared by the Centre for Ecological Services Management at the Indian Institute of Forest Management, the economic valuation assigned to the Bandipur National Park stands at over INR 6400 crores.
  • In the same study, the researchers have concluded that for every rupee spent on the reserve, 700% returns in intangible and tangible benefits are obtained.?
  • The returns from preserving the forest in its pristine condition are immense.?
  • They range from conservation, protection, and provisioning of water for the State to the regulation of the climate and soil carbon sequestration.
  • These benefits are intangible but vital to human living.
  • The tangible benefits from the forest include timber and other produce which are also a major source of livelihood for the people living in the periphery of the forests.

Why is this important?

Forests are a natural heritage and have benefits that are beyond comprehension in economic terms. It is imperative that people be made aware of the benefits of protecting them.


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