2017 Mock Test 8 – GS-IV: Ethics Case Study – 2

I have the following options available.

  • I will tell my spouse that I will carryout hislher .request but will actually not carry it out.
  • I will tell him/her that I will carry out his / her request and will actually carry it out.
  • I will meet my friend as requested but not purposefully for this job. I will only let him know that our organization will also participate in the bidding process but will not influence him to favour my case.
  • I will out rightly deny this type of unethical request.
  • I will politely deny his/her request explaining that I have no moral courage for unethical requests.

Out of the options described above, I will prefer to go with option (v) but if he/she persists in the request, I will use option (iv) . The reason is simple. It is unethical not only to ask favour from a friend who may probably be compelled to take unethical decision. Secondly, the relationship at home should not be mixed with business as it could lead to making unethical decisions. However, it
is also important that the relationship should not get ruptured. So, politely explaining the reasons why I cannot do this is a better option. If the spouse has good understanding the matter should end there, but just in case, he/she persists, I may have to use a tougher approach without caring for the relationship. All the other options are unethical as they imply either carrying out an unethical request or lying to the spouse or using other smart strategies that either overlook the issue or are unethical.

Question for UPSC Mains:

You are working in the same organization as your spouse but your spouse is in a superior position. You love your spouse deeply and you two have rarely done an act that is not to the liking of the other. One day your spouse informs you that he / she has got an important assignment, the successful performance of which will get him / her promoted and (s)he needs your help. He/ She has the task of applying to a tender floated by another organization. The person responsible for selecting the bid is your fast friend. Your spouse knows that if you approach the person, he will do your job. Your spouse asks you to approach your friend with this particular bid.

a)      What are the options available to you? b)      Explain the option that you will choose giving the reasons for your choice and why will you reject the other options. {250 words; 20 marks}

Published: September 22, 2017 | Modified:September 22, 2017