ABU – UNESCO Peace Media Awards 2021

Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU)-UNESCO Peace Media Awards 2021 were presented on November 17, 2021 at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

Key Points

  • In the award event, Doordarshan and All India Radio received multiple awards.
  • Multiple awards showcased the excellence of Prasar Bharati in quality content creation, TV shows and Radio shows, to the world.

Which programmes won the award?

  • Programme ‘DEAFinitely Leading the Way’ of Doordarshan won award under ‘Living Well with Super Diversity’ category.
  • All India Radio’s progra​mme​​​ called ‘Living on the edge – The coastal lives’​ ​​won award in ‘Ethical & Sustainable Relationship with Nature’ category.

Who presented the award?

Awards were given by UNESCO in collaboration with ABU, under an initiative called ‘Together for Peace’ (T4P). This competition was open for TV, Radio and digital platforms.

‘DEAFinitely Leading the Way’ programme

This programme is about inspiring journey of a specially-abled child. The purpose of this programme is to motivate specially-abled persons to live their life with dignity. It was produced and directed by Programme Executive of Doordarshan Delhi, Mr. Pradeep Agnihotri.

‘​Living on the edge – The coastal lives​’​ ​​

This series by All India Radio explores life for fishing communities who are living on the edge in Visakhapatnam. The series was devised and produced by Programme Executive of All India Radio, Delhi, Ms. Monika Gulati.

ABU-UNESCO T4P Media Awards

This award highlight and promote crucial role of ethical & independent journalism and citizens’ media literacy in order to build positive peace in human minds. Positive peace does not only mean absence of conflicts & war, but striving for equitable & fair societies having sustainable relations with the environment.


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